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This is the belt of the future for wwe and i dont expect to see a redesign for many years. That title was deactivated in 2010, and the world heavyweight championship was unified into the wwe championship in 20. Wwe was a lot similar to other contact sports and the action and since the main theme of the times was simplicity, the belt sammartino wore between 1963 and 1971 had a simple design, wearing the wwe logo and the flag of the usa at the beginning. The world heavyweight championship was brought to raw by former general manager eric bischoff after wwe champion brock lesnar became exclusive to smackdown. Lou thesz unified three championships to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion. Complete wwe title history for the intercontinental championship. Every wwe world heavyweight champion 1963present wwe.

Continuing with the sucess of the wwe raw spinning championship commemorative title belt, the wwe world heavyweight championship commemorative title belt is now available the championship commemorative title plates are made from a high quality acrylic plastic and has the same dimensions of the original wwe world heavyweight championship title. In 1926, while working with tex rickard who actually despised wrestling to such a degree he prevented wrestling events from being held at madison square garden between 1939 and 1948, he. Dating back to 1963, the wwe championship was first awarded to buddy rogers after he defeated antonino rocca in the finals of a tournament in april. Counting down the greatest legendary title designs. The history of the awa world heavyweight championship. The title was introduced in 1963 by the then world wide wrestling federation wwwf. Orange county choppers teamed up with the wwe to make the new world heavyweight championship belt. The wwe championship book by kevin sullivan official. Wrestling championship belt gallery wildcat championship belts was created initially to serve the needs of the professional wrestling industry. Dec 12, 2012 that hasnt always been the case, though. Created from a mold of the actual championship title. In the time that it has been competed for in wwe, the belt has seen many rising stars and legendary figures alike hold the gold and even become synonymous with the title, but unfortunately, some have held onto the belt for far less time than others. These titles are represented physically by a championship belt that can be worn by the champion. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new books.

Wwe attitude era championship replica title wwe us. Universal championship blue commemorative title belt. Choose from a wide variety of famous titles such as. Suddenly itas over, and in the center of the ring, one man i. Promoters and wrestlers alike have been trying to hide these unexplained changes from prying eyes for decades. The packaging of these history of the title dvds are something wwe needs to start doing more. It is recognized as the top championship in the wwe. During cenas 12th reign, the title was known as the wwe world heavyweight championship. Each regal championship in the assortment is designed to resemble the ones worn and proudly flaunted by your favorite wwe superstars. It was the original world title of the ecw promotion, spun off from the nwa world heavyweight championship. Back when everything started, wwe was far from the flashy and noisy form it shows now.

Bischoff awarded the championship to triple h, but the game had to defend it against his best friend, ric flair. Molded from the actual side plates seen on the championship title. Aug 26, 2016 counting down the greatest legendary title designs. The original world championship of the promotion, it was established by the thenworld wide wrestling federation on april 25, 1963 as th. It is one of three world titles in wwe, alongside the wwe universal championship on smackdown and the nxt championship on nxt.

Select new arrivals, tv authentic titles, blue universal championship, signature series titles, undertaker legacy title. List of wwe champions simple english wikipedia, the free. Power ranking the 10 most successful wwe superstars of the. Names of the wrestlers from countries where the family names come before the given names will be listed as such japan, korea, etc. Click here to read a guide to the wwe intercontinental title belt.

Trophies free delivery possible on eligible purchases. History of the wcw and wwe tag team title belts youtube. Wwe championshipchampion gallery pro wrestling fandom. The title was introduced into the world wrestling federation wwf, now wwe in 1979. Tag team world wrestling championship title belt dual plated. Buy wwe authentic wear world heavyweight championship commemorative title belt multi small. Get official wwe replica championship title belts from your favorite fights. The fiend bray wyatt universal championship replica title belt. Who are the 10 longest reigning wwe world heavyweight. Championship belt design from 1963present every wwe world heavyweight champion 1963present original wwwf world heavyweight championship the original 1963 design wwwf world. Overall, a excellent biography, great match selections, and the packaging is great. The ecw world heavyweight championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship originally used in extreme championship wrestling ecw and later, world wrestling entertainment wwe. For the ultimate wrestling fan a championship wrestling belt of your own. Ric flair and john cena according to wwe lore, at least the latter.

The history of the awa world heavyweight championship for this very special edition of abandoned, i present the awa world heavyweight championship. The wrestler with the most reigns as world heavyweight champion is john cena with. With all the prestige that comes with holding that illustrious belt, its no surprise that some champions want to defend it as long as they can. Wwe world heavyweight wrestling championship title belt.

The current champion is drew mcintyre, who is in his first reign. On the august 18, 2014, episode of raw, a single, redesigned wwe championship belt was presented to thenchampion brock lesnar, and the big gold belt was finally retired. Wwwfwwfwwe world heavyweight title wwe championship. John cena receives custom plates for his wwe championship smackdown live exclusive, jan. It underwent several name changes throughout the years, from world wide wrestling federation wwwf to world wrestling federation wwf to world wrestling entertainment wwe in 2002. Jul 24, 2019 the 10 longestreigning wwe champions of the past decade. Weighing over 5 pounds, holding this title will make you feel like a true wwe champion. The original wwe womens championship, established in 1956, and the wwe divas championship, introduced in 2008, were unified on september 19, 2010, maintaining the title history of the divas championship. The wwe championship is widely recognized as the most historic championship in wwe.

Apr 22, 2020 the two belts continued to represent the wwe world heavyweight championship, and its title history 1963present, for a short time. In 1958, the cwc created the nwa united states tag team championship the first title ever owned by wwe, which inaugural champions mark lewin and don curtis won in april of that year. Title belt maker dave millican on his pieces of history. Be a true champion with this championship replica title. Its a durable packaging with content listing on each page, i enjoy it. The american wrestling association was founded in 1960, but before that, they were a. Wrestling title belt maker dave millican is the premier belt maker in the world. Difficult to place as its a young world title equivalent, and all its champions have been. Jakks wwe world wrestling intercontinental champion foam belt acceptable cond. An incredible, unprecedented feat achieved by only two men in the history of pro wrestling. You may copy information from this site as long as you will give credits to this site and these people. Wwe world heavyweight championship, wwe smackdown tag team championship, wwe universal championship, wwe winged eagle championship and wwe nxt championship.

The wwe championship is a world heavyweight championship created and promoted by the. Brock lesnar surpasses john cena in the wwe record books. Name a famous professional wrestler, and odds are that millicanor his mentor, reggie parkshas made one of the titles. History of the world heavyweight title, recognized by world wrestling entertainment, formerly known as world wide wrestling federation and world wrestling federation. The design introduced by john cena during his first title reign has divided the wwe universe since its inception. The new championship retained the lineage of the wwe championship and the world heavyweight championship was retired, although the championship belts used to represent the two championships would adorn the wwe world heavyweight champion for several months afterwards, up until a single championship belt was introduced to brock lesnar in august. Made of a highquality plastic and half the weight of the replica version, this commemorative championship title belt is perfect for displaying on a shelf or wall. Quick history lesson on the different variations of the big gold belt from the ric flair nwawcw crumrine big gold dual plated crumrine debut 1991. Atlas is seen on the front plate, carrying the world on his shoulders in the ultimate act of strength. Wave it around or fling it over your shoulders like the superstars do in the ring and feel the thrills and power of being the best.

The title was renamed the wwe world championship because the wwe universal championship is on raw and the original title is on smackdown live. Buy products such as wwe world heavyweight wrestling championship title belt at walmart and save. Captain tom moore given wwe world title belt by brit star. According to the wwe instagram, lesnar has now passed cena for most days spent as a wwe world. Customize your nxt world heavyweight championship replica title belt with these official wwe side plates. Examining the evolution of the wwe championship belt and company logo. A look back at the rich history of the wwe championship. It talks all about how buddy rogers nwa title win in the early 1960s helped form wwe. The championship was again the sole world title of wwe until the introduction of the universal championship with the 2016 brand split and the promotion of the nxt championship to world title status the following year. Participants compete for a championship, and must defend it after winning it. History of the wwwfwwfwwe world heavyweight championship. The titl e, now rename d w we champio nship, was then designated to the smackdown brand whi le wwe established an al terna t e wo rld title k nown a s the world heavyweight championship for the raw brand. The wwe championship is a world heavyweight championship created and promoted by the american professional wrestling promotion wwe, currently defended on their raw brand. When jericho won both the wwf title and world title in december 2001, a new belt was ordered to debut after wrestlemania x8.

The older title was retired in favor of keeping the newer title as the sole championship contended for in wwe. In fact, the book actually starts a few years before there ever was a wwe. Lets take a look at the ten shortestreigning united states champions in wwe history. Secondly, it chronicles the long title history of the championship. He achieved this by winning three prestigious titles between 19481952, and they became part of the original world championship.

Replica championship title belts from, the official source for wwe merchandise the official wwe shop. Sure, it was the silliest title in the history of the wwe, but it as also the coolest. Ranking every current wwe title belt, from best to worst. We have created wwe belts, tna impact wrestling belts, new japan pro wrestling belts along with hundreds of indy wrestling title belts. Dec 22, 2019 the decade that was in wwe saw the changing of the guard as superstars such as triple h, chris jericho, the undertaker and shawn michaels either retired or took on lighter schedules. Nov 10, 2012 history of the wcw and wwe tag team title belts hazardf5. Using inspiration from past designs and integrating the new wwe network vision, the new belt. The complete title histories for the championships of wwe raw, wwe smackdown live, and wwe nxt, including the wwe championship, universal championship, intercontinental championship, united states championship, raw womens championship, raw tag team championship, nxt championship, nxt womens championship, nxt tag team championship, and many more. Wwe championship simple english wikipedia, the free. Examining the evolution of the wwe championship belt and. World championship belt wwe heavyweight wrestling replica new title wwf cena best seller list wwe. The wwe has always been able to make its world title mean something, whether it.

However, its origin is attributed to events that began in the national wrestling alliance. As of this morning, brock lesnar can add another notch to his belt when it comes to wwe accolades. Put them on your wall or better yet, wear them proudly every day. Oct 10, 2016 ranking every current wwe title belt, from best to worst.

Batista vs randy orton batista won clean after a batistabomb to retain the world heavyweight title triple hs music hit and he made his presense known by coming out to the stage to applaud batista and thats a wrap folks go back to wwe history go back to raw history. A third alterna te worl d tit le, the ec w world heav yweight championship, was reactivated for the ecw brand in 2006. Power ranking john cenas 16 wwe world championship victories. Soon after, it was changed back to the wwe championship. The title, now renamed wwe championship, was then designated to the smackdown brand while wwe established an alternate world title known as the world heavyweight championship for the raw brand. Lesnar won his first wwe world heavyweight title from the rock at summerslam 2002 when he was barely six months into the company and only 25 years old, which made him the youngest champion in wwes history a record he still holds to this day. Wcw world championship vs wwe world championship duration. Mar 03, 20 this belt is perfect for the same reason the current wwe tag titles are. Top 10 belts in pro wrestling history cageside seats. Throughout wrestling history, there are rumored to have been many title changes that have been wiped from the history books for one reason or another. The complete title histories for the championships of wwe raw, wwe smackdown live, and wwe nxt, including the wwe championship, universal championship, intercontinental. A third alternate world title, the ecw world heavyweight championship, was reactivated for the ecw brand in 2006. The history of the world heavyweight championship, wwe.

Wwe john cena world heavyweight championship toy title belt 2017 mattel rare. The 10 longestreigning wwe champions of the past decade. Wwe s world title during the attitude era was more subtle. Professional wrestling utilizes the structure of title match combat sports. Apr 17, 2018 if i start counting the ecw world title from the 0610 run, then i have to drag all of old ecws titles out since technically the newer title shares history with old one, and ecw didnt have equivalents to the euro title, cruiserweight, etc. Add this title to your collection and show everyone that the champ is here.

Obtaining the title should also be seen as an incredible feet of power. Triple h defeated y2j for the big eagle at wmx8 and shortly. Edge ratedr spinner wwe championship replica title belt. On raw, wwe champion the rock did away with the spinner design that has served as the wwe title since 2005. Buy wwe authentic wear unisex wwe world heavyweight championship commemorative title belt 2014, multicoloured, one size. After the wwe brand extension, wwe started having drafts each year, where some wrestlers change brands. The history of wwe dates back to the early 1950s when it was founded in 1953 as capitol wrestling corporation cwc. Since that time, the biggest names in the business have held the title. When wwe champion randy orton defeated world heavyweight champion john cena at the tlc.

The big gold belt, after many years of representing the nwa, wcw, and wwe in some way, was finally put to rest as wwe introduced the new and current wwe world heavyweight championship belt. In 1963, cwc ended its partnership with the nwa and established itself as the world wide wrestling federation wwwf. It is recognized as the top championship in the wwe the wrestler with the most reigns as world. Wwe world heavyweight championship commemorative title belt. Strap on the large victory championship and feel like a wwe superstar.

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