Promises to keep paperback book bluford

Promises to keep by paul langan paperback, 9781591943037. Promises to keep is the 19th bluford book, the sequel to the gunpayback. The bluford series is a collection of twentyone young adult novels that focus on the lives of a group of high school students and their families. All twentyone of the bluford series books are available in audiobook format. Major surgery saves the presidents life, though a long. The series draws its name from the school which many of the characters attend. But eventually tyray develops feelings for a girl that causes him to change his ways to make her happy. None of the bluford series audiobooks may be used for any purpose other than personal or educational use. But this anger just causes him to retaliate even more. This audiobook was recorded by audiobrite and features original music composed and performed by kenyon whittington. Its about tyray hobbs after he tries to shoot darrell mercer, and the two boys are still alive. Promises to keep is compassionate, insightful, and educational, along with being actionpacked, realistic, and emotionally and psychologically accurate.

This is a good addition to the bluford books, and i hope there are more tyray based books to come. His dad is very strict on him because he doesnt want him to end up like his older brother. Paul langan for the first time in high school, i read a book i liked. Promises to keep is compassionate, insightful, and educational. Bluford series audiobooks are provided by townsend press as a free resource to educators and students. Promises to keep paul langan townsend press series editor. The book is called promises to keep and the authors name is paul langan. The bluford series is guaranteed to make your heart race and your pulse pound. Tyray feels ashamed of himself for all the trouble he caused at bluford high and home. The gun by paul langan, lost and found by anne schraff, brothers in arms by paul langan, until we meet again by anne sch. Promises to keep bluford series, number bluford series, books to read, my.

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